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March 29 2016


Drug education - the answer to the drug problem

Drug addiction is without doubt, the biggest single problem the society faces.

The fact is there are more addicts being made on a daily basis then are being cured of their addiction problem.


If more drug addicts are being made then those that are being rehabilitated, clearly at some point in the future the world is going to have a mammoth problem.


One drug rehab center called Narconon, predict that by the year 2020 drug abuse will be out of control and will require governments to have to invest millions in an attempt to reverse the situation.


With the above in mind it makes sense to tackle the world's drug problem now before things get really out of control, (even if one only took into account the amount of money that will be saved in the future).


Getting people off drugs and rehabilitating them so they can lead normal lives again takes time and money and is probably not the best option, drug rehabbing can be viewed as “bolting the stable door after the horse has bolted”.


A far cheaper and much more viable option for protecting our future from the potential ravages of drug abuse is “drug education”.


By educating our children we can give them valuable knowledge of the harmful effects of drugs and hopefully  protect them from failing into the vicious net of the drug dealer and drug pushers they meet later in adult life.


Unlike drug rehabilitation that works on a one-one basis drug education can be done on a mass scale with one lecture able to educate a class of 30-60 children at any one time

March 23 2016


Health Implications of Abusing drugs

Drug abuse
"Drugs really are a total waste. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and exactly what goes together with your self-esteem," late American musician Kurt Cobain once said. But more importantly, drugs offer an adverse impact on the health of your person, worsening it with every passing day. Because way somebody responds to a drug is impacted by many factors, there could be different reactions to drug use by different individuals. So, it is vital to understand the standard risks and effects, both short and long-term.

alcohol abuse
With health being most badly hit by drug use, passing off health issues out of ignorance may aggravate the trouble. Drug abuse impacts someone both physiologically and psychologically. By way of example, the abuse of cocaine contributes to absorption of toxic amounts, causing possible acute cardiovascular or cerebrovascular emergencies, and seizures, all of these can lead to sudden death.

If you visit any alcohol and drugs rehab, you'll discover that this long-term utilization of some drugs along with their subsequent abuse might cause long-lasting adjustments to the brain, bringing about paranoia, depression, aggression and hallucinations. One is left incapacitated to accomplish well in your life due to the side effects of drug abuse. Certain drugs like cocaine, inhalants, and marijuana, and prescription stimulants for example MDMA, ketamine and methamphetamine can severely impact an individual's mental health.

The way it affects your health

Substance abuse and dependence might have far-reaching impacts, affecting nearly every organ in the human body. It could restrict your capability to make decisions and may lead to frequent cravings. This is where you need professional help to reduce this devastating habit and lead a normal life. Drug abusers usually face these conditions:

Hormonal imbalance

Drugs like steroids might cause hormonal imbalances inside a person. Abusing steroid disrupts the standard output of hormones by the body processes, leading to both reversible and irreversible changes. This can result in infertility and testicle shrinkage that face men and masculinization in ladies.

Effects on prenatal conditions

Abusing drugs can lead to premature birth, miscarriage, underweight babies as well as a number of behavioral and cognitive issues. Another threat is always that when a mother attempts to withdraw abruptly from addictive alcohol or drugs with no medical assistance, she can position the baby vulnerable. This implies seeking immediate the aid of any drugs and alcohol detox center. If you reside in the south-eastern region in the U.S., a drug rehabilitation center ranked one of the better rehabs is the better solution.

Neurological problems

Substance abuse might also cause severe neurological upheavals in the body. Though drugs induce a sense of euphoria in users, it could possibly also produce side effects inside the brain causing seizures, stroke and further damages towards the brain that disrupt normal functioning. Forgetfulness, add, adhd and low decision-making ability are the conditions originate from a prolonged substance abuse.

Effects on all around health

Chronic drug use almost certainly leads to a decline in appetite and increase in body's temperature, which are in charge of various health issues in the body. Abrupt withdrawal from drugs without medical help may also manifest in several adverse health effects, including restlessness, mood swings, fatigue, muscle and bone pain, insomnia, cold flashes, diarrhea and vomiting.

Effects on mental state

A person who abuses drugs a bit longer probably will experience various mental issues because drugs can alter the normal functioning of the brain. Aggression is nearly an absolute by-product of prolonged drug abuse. Depression is an additional debilitating condition that may transform in to a chronic stage with regular abuse of medication. Hallucination is a very common phenomenon for those consuming drugs. In extreme cases of cocaine abuse or amphetamine withdrawal, thoughts of suicide also occur.
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